Day 2: Reinventing Publishing Today: Part Two

Entering Asian Markets

“PANZ first attended Taipei International Book Exhibition in 2011, and in 2014 managed the collective New Zealand publisher stand with enhanced NZ publisher representation. In 2015 New Zealand will be the Guest of Honour Country at TIBE,” said Ka Meechan (pictured below), project manager of our GoH programme told a breakfast briefing.

Her outline of the Taiwan market: a book-loving population of 23 million people which supports more than 40,000 new titles every year.
David Glover, co-ordinating the educational component of the GoH TIBE 2015 initiative, has lived and worked in Asia and found Taiwan much easier to enter than other Asian markets. First time exhibitor in 2014, Peter Dowling of Oratia Media, stressed the importance of face-to-face meetings. Two of David Ling’s books were launched during the fair by his Taiwanese publisher, plus he sold rights to five of his children’s titles to mainland Chinese publishers.
“The cornerstone of the GoH initiative is the visiting author programme. Our pavilion at TIBE 2015 will be the stage for our authors to shine,” said Ka, who aims to have a draft programme schedule available in July. “There will not be another opportunity to enter this market with such support,” her briefing concluded.

Split Sessions: Taking your Books to the World / Building and Managing your List

With panels of Kiwi publishers – Belinda Cooke, Peter Dowling, Claire Murdoch and Fergus Barrowman talking about their overseas rights and distribution endeavours in one room and Nicola Legat, Robbie Burton, Rachel Scott and Kevin Chapman discussing list building in the other, these were a truly collegial sessions that reflect our industry.

Building New Audiences – from publisher to reader and back again

In a thought provoking session, Random House Australia’s Brett Osmond discussed the ways publishers and authors can reach their reading audience directly. Brett, Marketing and Publicity Director and Head of Digital for RH in Oz gave a masterclass in the use of on-line technology and shared the lessons learned. “Take risks, but get more sophisticated,” he says.
And so sophisticated has RH’s targeting become that there are seven composite identities for book buyers they’ve created and given names and definition; and any initiative must reach at least two of those segments!
Marketing and publicity should be joined at the hip and bring in the digital market, he advises. For the latter, ‘work on a few platforms and learn’. At the centre must be the company website, designed so it creates value for the audience who access the site.
An area RH is exploring is personalisation, with the first steps taken in developing a ‘crime and thriller’ website to reach one group of readers – and hopefully starting a long-term relationship with that audience.
Long term planning is essential – at least five months out from launch; plus a level of planning allows time to review what works and what does not.
Finally “Engage everyone with the whole business, including authors.”

The Big Idea – What’s Next for Publishing?

Dan Caton: The best ideas come from history - tell good stories, and for non fiction, tell good information
Brett Osmond:  the future is now
Tom Rennie (Bridget Williams Books): use the sheer messiness ahead to demonstrate our value – don’t take the risk of having others tell us
So it seems the panelists’ views into their respective crystal balls diverge!
Dan felt that Paul Cameron’s idea of making reading a more audio experience was great, and he is going to try it out. Educational e-reading devices that indicate where students are competent or have difficulty would also be a bonus in the future.
Brett says the future involves allowing readers to buy into content in whichever way they want to read it. Also ‘open’ organisations and playing with content, perhaps extending it to apps.
For Tom, all prophecy is based on digital, with print publishing in decline. Yet, he points out, ‘the industry is in decline’ air of fatalism is at odds with actual behavior as digital sales plateau and print maintains volume. “We have a vibrant and innovative print industry that will persist. And print and e-book publishing will become increasingly interconnected, not two separate worlds.”


Flipping Your Business: Adapting your business model in changing times

When a top selling title is How to Tell if Your Cat is Planning to Kill You, it is apparent that you are a publisher with attitude and acumen.
‘Finding that all important niche’ – one that differentiates your publishing house from the rest – was the focus of Kirsty Melville’s keynote address. The Andrews McMeel publishing story is hugely successful, and has been founded on rules for changing times.
Know your focus: who is the audience for the book, and how are you going to reach them, even before you acquire the MS.
Some of the company’s biggest sellers have come out of left field. Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans a big selling cookbook? You bet, and Kirsty acquired it by striking up a relationship with the authors who had been successful self- publishers.
“Your relationship with your author is the foundation of your business,” Kirsty advised.
Books of comic strip favourites, quirky cookbooks, kids books with attitude, an upcoming title called The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances… a list that does not depend on novels or high end nonfiction? The message to her audience could not be more clear: think outside the box.


Educational Publishers went the extra kilometre at Conference

The conference closed at 12.30pm and delegates departed however there was more to come for educational publishers. The PANZ Education Summit funded by Education New Zealand began straight after and was attended by more than 30 publishers. 

Stewart Gill (right), an Independent Publishing Consultant and former Managing Director of the Academic and K-12 schools division of Macmillan Australia, was the keynote speaker. He drew on deep industry experience and a lot of current data to tackle issues that mattered to the publishers present—the size and composition of the overall markets in Australia and New Zealand, the challenges and opportunities of entering the Australian market and the evolution of digital solutions (including predictions for change over the next 5 years). PANZ members were seen hard at work taking notes!

Clive Jones (pictured below right), General Manager Business Development at Education New Zealand then briefed the delegates on Educational New Zealand’s overall strategy and how ENZ’s support for the growth of educational publishing exports, delivered through PANZ, fit into that wider strategy.
David Glover from Creative Strategies and the Project Manager for education for TIBE Guest of Honour 2015 launched the toolkit for the GoH programme which will ensure that all publishers attending the exhibition are armed with plenty of contacts and key information on the market. By the end of the day, David had a half dozen publishers packing their bags for Taipei and many more keen on the opportunity.
The last session of the day was What Now for Digital Learning? It featured a sterling line up of educators; Stuart McNaughton, Auckland University, Evan Blackman, Microsoft New Zealand and Dan Caton, Wittel Morris Strategic Consulting, and was chaired by Mark Sayes from ESA Publications.
Educational publishing had been integrated into the whole conference but the last afternoon allowed a very sharp focus on the opportunities for the sector—in digital innovation and export in particular.
Tim Lind, Biozone:
For me it was great to meet the other educational publishers and compare notes as to what is working and not working, and what the challenges are. Reassuring to know that there are many shared challenges, and very grateful for the opportunity to raise some industry concerns during our seminar.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the seminar talks and gained valuable networking contacts, and appreciated the opportunity for discussion. I would be very keen to attend next time.

In fact the only downside of Conference was the performance of the coffee machines!


Day 1: PANZ Conference ‘A clear global picture of the industry - and the opportunities for us now’

Platforms, Markets, Readers: Reinventing Publishing Today, PANZ International Conference 2014, brought movers and shakers of the publishing world to address the New Zealand industry earlier this week. On both inspirational and practical levels, Kiwi publishers had the chance to see into the international future of publishing and how they can participate.
International Publishers Association president YS Chi (pictured below with CLNZ's Paula Browning) made his first visit to this country to give the keynote: Does Publishing Matter? The Challenges of the Digital World.

Probably more used to audiences in their thousands rather than New Zealand’s hundred plus, YS immediately told his audience that publishing does matter, that it is alive and thriving, but we are about to see change on a large scale.

“Some of the challenge is digital,” he explained. “The perception is that you just press a button and it all happens. At the same time, digital gives us an unmatched opportunity for creativity – we now have more toys to play with. With the delivery of new systems, media companies must be tech companies too. There is an image that we are dinosaurs, but people are ignorant of the value publishers bring to the process of getting material in print or on-line. They think that the saving on print costs must be major, but in fact print is a small part of the costs of book production.” YS says we need to look at new ways to monetarise the content of books. As Chair of Reed Elsevier, as well as his IPA role, he is still a hands-on publisher.

He also believes that “Innovation moves faster than adoption. People ask how many still read on paper, but in fact hardback and paperback sales are relatively stable over the last two or three years.”

Copyright is a big issue in YS’ IPA presidency. The copy left lobby – ‘copy wrong’ he calls it – means publishing needs to engage with governments on digital and copyright policy.
YS quoted Winston Churchill for his final words: “This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.” 

Sam Elworthy Auckland University Press and PANZ President:
Presidential and personal comments in one: I walked away from the Mercure on Tuesday night revved up – by the enthusiasm and expertise of our local publishers, the vision and engagement of our great guests from across the seas, and the collegiality with which a whole lot of big ideas were being shared. We had education publishers and trade publishers, huge multinationals and one-person operations, designers and finance people all sitting in the same room and wrestling with the same problems and opportunities.



Developing and Selling New Digital Products

The Great New Zealand Songbook’s Murray Thom (right) opened the throttle and let roar a presentation on that project (and the subsequent Great

 Australian Songbook – an account of persistent banging on doors and having the right ones eventually open.

Paul Cameron, Booktrack founder, described how far the music and sound effects accompanying an audio book have developed, and of the major international interest and possible involvements for the company including working with educators using Booktrack as an aid to learning. He also demonstrated the new Booktrack app that accesses 20,000 copyright free tracks and effects for those who want to create their own!


Whither the American Publishing Industry?

Education authority and publisher Dan Caton quickly assured the audience that the current situation for publishers was “Not as bad as feared – but not as good as we’d like!” He then outlined the current barriers faced by other countries in selling in the US market. His insider’s view of the hiccups in imposing a ‘common core’ educational curriculum there revealed an ever more fragmented system and little likelihood of seeing this evolve.

 For publishers, Dan sees a future of slimmer margins, a decline in author advances and Amazon ‘calling the tune’, plus television and movies integrated into social studies curricula.

His recommendations for publishers hoping to break into the market: decide who you are and publish to it; target markets; be best in class in technology, product, systems marketing and data mining. “Educational publishers going forward will be efficient, nimble and slim,” Caton advises.
Melanie Laville-Moore, Allen & Unwin: A terrific couple of days, made all the more so by seeing the PANZ membership clearly engaged with, and enjoying the discussions around the big issues and challenges of the day. Local voices joined with stand-out international speakers - once again showing the many synergies and understanding that NZ publishers share of the wider global industry.


Digital distribution and related sales and marketing practice

Victoria Nash emphasised that all of the publishing steps that applied to conventional publishing apply to digital, however it takes much more time to set up and much more administration she warned. 

A key graphic showing the amount of information needed for e-book discoverability versus traditional publishing was an eye opener: 250 fields of data for each e-book title.

Print books undergo about three changes of price in their life span, but e-books have minimum 10 changes and as prices fluctuate often “Reconciliation of sales is very important,” Victoria advises. But over many currencies and exchange rates, this too is complex!

Marthie Markstein, Random House: 
Publishing is being reinvented daily, and the new world can at times feel confusing. I loved the way the speakers managed to encapsulate the current state of publishing so clearly, while giving us great hope for the future. YS Chi was inspirational: Who would not believe that we actually have a healthy future for the world of books after listening to him? Special thanks to Victoria Nash who managed to make the digital process interesting. So many good speakers, such a great insight into the world of books – thanks to all! 


Selling and delivering more to schools

Neale Pitches (right) outlined the growth of South Pacific Press and Lift Education and shared the difficulties of establishing partnerships in the US market especially during the Global Financial Crisis. SPP provides content in Adobe, for ipads, e-books, Google slides, HTML 5 ... and book books.

Biozone International is a specialist Biology publisher. Logistics and Website Co-ordinator, Tim Lind, showed how a one topic publishing company can still have a big reach. The company actually maintains a UK sales office for its e-books, presentation media, course notes and student review material, and has good sales of foreign rights for their publications.

Tim would like to see educators agree on a common platform for e-learning.
Mark Sayes, ESA Publications:
marvellous range of well received presenters all with a great variety of experiences, observations and thought provoking comments.

How to compete with FREE

CLNZ’s Paula Browning asked publishers: Will your content get shared before you can sell it? “It is an inefficient process - it can cost more than it is worth to get something protected after it is out of the bag, and to sue companies or individuals who breach copyright is long and expensive.”
Chris Hocquard, media and entertainment lawyer talked about “free” as a valid marketing tool, much used by the music industry. “Early adopters of new trends won’t pay – to get to the market you have to give stuff away,” – as Lorde did, he explains – “Unless you are Beyoncé!”

Kirsty Melville, Book Division President at Andrews McMeel, (right) talked about the power of content and that consumers want to access product on many different levels, from a coffee table book to an on-line excerpt from the same book.
Also on the panel was YS Chi: “I’m a real believer that there is no such thing as a free lunch,” he said, noting that on many channels of discovery such as Google, the person putting up the content doesn’t pay… but the advertiser does.
At Elsevier, YS says, they break e-content in pieces; to the extent you can rent a scientific article, available for 24 hours for 99 cents. In e-education there’s a need to teach that piracy is stealing; with e-enforcement YS believes you need to pick your fights and prosecute egregious violators – "even if it costs $60,000."
His thoughts: “You need to adapt, add value, and explore new business models,” and his apt summary “The more on-line content is available, the less people want to pay for it.”

Neale Pitches, South Pacific Press:
Reflections on the PANZ Conference. Off to a brilliant start with YS Chi. “Publishing is thriving … depending on who you talk to”. That, for me was essential theme of the conference. A few other YS memorables: “uncertainty creates opportunity”, “fail often and fail early”, "protect copyright to protect culture”, and perhaps the one that rang most true to me, “we have an image problem”. From a great start then, it’s hard not to go downhill but Murray Thom was a gem. His upbeat presentation about the need for a big idea and a ton of resilience had me well enthralled. And his catchy phrase, “give that idea a passport”. Hey Murray, The Beach Boys walk into a bar. One says to the other “Round? Round? Get a round? I get a round?” That segues me briefly to the social side of things. It’s hard to beat being crammed into a tiny bar with a decent glass of kiwi wine and an eclectic mix of your fellow publishers.
What is it about small spaces that gets collegiality flowing? For me the conference was a good mix of international, local, tried and tested and new. I was taken with the similarities that trade, children’s and educational publishers face in ‘The 21st Century’. I enjoyed all the speakers but one … if I hear another hackneyed story about how the education system is not yet ‘post-industrial’ I really will go like the Dutch lady with the inflatable shoes – pop my clogs! OK very briefly … I also liked Dan Caton’s market stats (sorry Fergus), Fergus’s Ellie story – “it was exceptional and unexceptional” – talk to Fergus for the full story.  Victoria’s metadata, Claire’s tweets, and Brett’s incredibly open, clear and detailed exposition on digital marketing. Paul Cameron’s user-driven growth, the chance to catch up with Paula Browning on matters vital to educational publishing and finally the chance to hear Prof Stuart McNaughton, an old friend with some new ideas … thanks to Melanie, Anne and the crew who put it all together and finally, Hot Topics: Metadata; Dashboards; Deep diving; Planning; Digital with everything; Telling our stories.


Kiwi Publishers in Taiwan - TIBE 2014

This was Julia Marshall’s fourth time at the Taipei International Book Exhibition. The Gecko Press publisher had been wondering if it was worthwhile attending as she has over the past years appointed agents for the areas involved. “But I saw a great change… I knew who I was meeting and why I was meeting them, and involved Gecko’s agents too. And I had really good books to sell.
“I discovered it really is important for people buying books and buying rights to see the publisher. An Australian agent told me that publishers always do a much better job of presenting the book.
“That can be a two way street; as I am presenting, I’m learning a lot too… like why some blurbs work and others are less successful. I can go back to the office and say ‘this write up was great’ or ‘this one we need to rethink’. You learn a lot about how a book is going to work.
“I had wondered if a week away was an inefficient use of my time, but I came back reassured it was a week well spent.  TIBE is not as appointment bound as Bologna where everything must be arranged before the Fair starts, at Taiwan I get to see other publisher displays.”
Peter Dowling of Oratia Media made his first visit to TIBE this year. He appreciated the size of the fair, and having good qualities of time and access to build relationships with Taiwanese and other publishers. “Through New Zealand representatives up there we also had opportunities to meet really hard hitters in local publishing. The hosting was excellent.
“We had some local right interests, mainly around our children’s and indigenous titles. I’d like to turn that into dollars!” Peter is weighing up his options for next year and says the Guest of Honour involvement would definitely be a plus in 2015.
Publisher David Ling sold two titles to a Taiwan company last year, and was there for the launch of the translated titles, Voices of Gallipoli by Maurice Shadbolt and In Flanders Fields by Monty Ingram at TIBE. David gave an address about the effects of World War 1 on New Zealand at the launch. He is particularly impressed by the quality and presentation of the translated books.
David says the upcoming GoH year has been significant in gaining attention from publishers there, and he has interest in two of Shadbolt’s other titles. In addition, he expects to make rights sales for the five children’s books he has published since last year and for one backlist title.
AUP’s Sam Elworthy was another Taiwan first-timer, and found it “A very good fair. As it was my first time in Asia, Taiwan was a hospitable starting point, as English is widely spoken and the country is about New Zealand’s size so I got to meet their leading publishers. The five or six majors have exciting lists.” Sam was impressed by their ‘beautiful books’ and the fact that a lot of high-end nonfiction is translated for the Taiwan market. Sam pictured right  the with the publisher Transoxania and the Chinese edition of Robin Hyde's Dragon Rampant.
“We have good prospects for the translation of a couple of books. Also, Taiwan has expertise in selling rights into mainland China and Korea. It was a cool experience.”
Sam stopped over in Hong Kong on the way back to meet AUP’s printers and establish contacts with the Hong Kong University Press.
“The Wendy Pye Group have successfully sold to Taiwan and China in past years, and being there this year allowed us to renew old friendships,” said Dame Wendy. She joined sales rep Robert Andersen to represent her company at TIBE. “The fair is a leading opportunity to showcase technology like our extensive direct marketing package of print and technology being offered to Asia, in particular the new Sunshine Classic package. Orders which will result from this fair are now under discussion, and a further trip is planned to follow up and finalise deals in late March or April.

“For any publisher wishing to take the Asian market seriously, the Taipei fair should be a regular event on their company calendar. Congratulations also to the team who organised the events and the New Zealand stand.”

TIBE 2015 Guest of Honour plans progressed

The Taipei International Book Exhibition had a different focus for Kevin Chapman (Project Director GoH TIBE 2015) and Ka Meechan (Project Manager GoH TIBE 2015) - while other New Zealand publishing representatives were on the stand with their titles, they were involved in an intense round of meetings in preparation for our Guest of Honour year.
They met with publishers, fair organisers, cultural organisations, bookstores and other groups to discuss which to partner with and how partnership will work for both parties. “It was invaluable background for deciding what needs to be done, who we can do that with and what aspects we should be concentrating on,” said Kevin (pictured right).
“The next step is tying down the criteria and reporting back to the funding and reference groups with what we have learned. That includes Creative New Zealand, Education New Zealand, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, as well as writers' representatives and others.
“We need to identify writers who have books in translation already on the market, and work with publishers about authors whose titles they believe will fit the Taiwan market. Once we’ve been through that process, we aim to have a draft programme schedule in July,” said Kevin.


PANZ International Conference 2014

The PANZ International Conference 2014 will be held at the Mercure Hotel, 8 Customs Street, Auckland on 31st March and 1st April and we are now taking registrations.

To register please download the form provided and email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by the 28th February.

A full programme will be available shortly but we are delighted to confirm the following international presenters:

  • YS Chi, International Publishers Association, President
  • Dan Caton, Wittel/Morris Strategic Consulting, President
  • Brett Osmond, Random House Australia, Marketing and Publicity Director
  • Kirsty Melville, Andrews McMeel Publishing, President
  • Sarah Foster, Walker Books Australia, Publisher and Managing Director

They will be joined by key industry figures from NZ.

Special accommodation rates of $149 room and breakfast incl. GST per night with the Mercure Hotel have been negotiated.  

Click here for the Mercure hotel booking form.  Please note accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of individual delegates.

For further information please contact Conference project Manager Karen McKenzie on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


A Trans-Tasman Battle. Statutory vs Voluntary Licensing – Who Benefits?

Paula Browning writes: As New Zealanders, we’re quite used to the rest of the world thinking that we’re a southern territory of Australia. While there are plenty similarities there are also a lot of areas in which we are very different – from the 2013 performances of our respective national rugby teams to the way content is licensed in our education sectors. We know that in rugby terms New Zealand comes out on top, but which licensing system works better and who benefits the most from each?

A quick description of the two licensing schemes:

Voluntary licensing – a collective management organisation (e.g. CLNZ) sells licences for the copying of copyright materials on behalf of rightsholders (either via a direct mandate from the rightsholders or via reciprocal agreements with collective management organisations representing rightsholders in other territories.)

Statutory licensing – a remunerated exception in the relevant copyright laws, for defined classes of users, and under which a collective management organisation (e.g. Copyright Agency for the Australian statutory schemes for education and government users) is the named collecting society and operates in accordance with that legislation

The following table shows the main operational differences between the two schemes:


Statutory Licence - Australia

Voluntary Licence - NZ

Content that can be copied

All text and images:

  •          From any source
  •          Print or digital
  •          Local or foreign

As specifically authorised:

  •          By mandate
  •          By foreign affiliates

How content can be used

All forms of reproduction and communication for educational purposes

As specifically authorised:

  •          By mandate
  •          By foreign affiliates

Content excluded from use


  •          Standalone artworks
  •          Digital-born content
  •          Maps, charts and plans
  •          Any content not authorised by rightsholder

Decision to take up licence

For education, formal notice of intent to rely on statutory scheme.

For government, no notice required.

Individual school

Negotiation and payment of licence fees

Negotiated and paid by relevant peak body.

Individual school

Risk management for infringement

Not applicable – statutory exception

Borne by individual school and, potentially, individual teachers


Both systems rely on surveys of copying in schools in order to establish what is being copied and which rightsholders need to be paid. As can be seen from the table above, the material for which payment for copying will be made in Australia is much more comprehensive than in New Zealand. For example, if you blog and the content of your blog is used in Australian schools and captured in a survey, you will receive a payment. In New Zealand, no payment would be made and it is up to individual teachers to decide if the material they wish to use in their teaching is legally available to them either via the Section 44 education exception in the Copyright Act or under licence, if their school has one. A Statutory Licence scheme relieves the teacher of having to make this decision.

In 2012/2013 the Australian system generated revenue from schools for rightsholders of $A59.8m ($NZ64.6m). In New Zealand, schools income for 2013 was just under $1m. The current agreed flat rate for each school student in Australia is $A16.93. Primary schools in New Zealand that take out a CLNZ licence pay $1.50 per student; secondary schools pay $3.00 per student.

It’s fairly easy to deduce from the figures above, that if you’re a publisher of education content that is being copied in schools in both countries, your return is likely to be much better under the Australian Statutory Licence scheme.

In addition, the Statutory Licence seems to benefit both educators and publishers. For educators, the resources they need for teaching are comprehensively covered by the Statutory Licence and there is no need for complex decisions on what and how materials can be used.  At the same time, the creators of the materials being used are fairly compensated for the use of their material, generating a revenue stream that allows them to invest in more content.[i]

Paula Browning, Chief Executive Copyright Licenising NZ

Disclaimer: This is a simplified summary intended to provide high-level comparisons between the two systems. It is not intended to be a definitive legal analysis.

In 2013, the Australian Law Review Commission (ALRC) commenced an inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy in Australia. One of the areas of review is the Statutory Licence Scheme. CLNZ has made a submission to the ALRC on behalf of publishers to argue for the retention of the scheme given the effectiveness of its operation that enables investment in future content creation that benefits the next generation of school students.



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